Charitable organizations supporting special needs children and youth, blind adults, autistic children, families needing help keeping themselves fed and those using the Delta Hospital have all benefitted from donations totalling more than $11,000 from the O’Keeffe family fund at the Delta Foundation.

British Columbia and Alberta Guide Dogs CEO, Bill Thornton (2nd left), with dog trainer, Mike Annon (right) and dogs, Merlot and Clover, receive $3,312 from Sandra O’Keeffe (centre) as one of the four organizations receiving support of over $11,000 from the O’Keeffe family fund at the Delta Foundation, represented by Peter Roaf (left) and Walt Hayward (2nd right)

Reach Child and Youth Development Society is using its $5,517 to help meet the high demand for counselling services to families and children and youth in their programs. Some of the children and youth have a mental health condition as well as a developmental disability and need special support as do some parents who experience mental health challenges that interfere with their ability to parent a child with support needs.

British Columbia and Alberta Guide Dogs is allocating its $3,312 to breed, raise and train professionally trained Guide Dogs and Autism Support Dogs, provided at no cost to clients in the two provinces who are blind or have young children with autism.

The Delta Hospital Foundation will allocate its $1,104 to the Hospital’s annual priority list for equipment to be purchased for Delta Hospital, in areas such as Emergency, OR/Surgery, Respiratory/Pulmonary, Medical Floors, Lab, Medical Imaging and Residential Care and other departments.

The South Delta Food Bank, run entirely by volunteers, will use its $1,104 to purchase items such as milk, eggs, some meat, or grocery items which have yet not been donated.