To donate to Delta Foundation (including Rotary's "Dave Hamilton Service Above Self Bursary")

Please donate through Charitable Impact
(NOTE: tax receipt will be from Charitable Impact, but donation will come to the Delta Foundation and be directed by you when making your donation, including the "Dave Hamilton Service Above Self Bursary endowment". Charitable Impact is a public foundation and operates as a donor-advised fund, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada), business/registration number 845528827RR0001.) 


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Our charitable tax number is 11884139 RR0001

Why donate to your community foundation?
The estate of Albert Hollinger established an endowment fund from which Delta Fire and Rescue, Delta Police and Delta School District share the interest for
their operations
As Delta's only community foundation, Delta Foundation can play a crucial role in helping people give back to their community in meaningful ways. We connect individuals, families and companies with causes that inspire them. We pool resources, knowledge and expertise, working with others for even greater impact. And we help you realize your philanthropic goals by matching their interests with community needs and finding innovative ways to make every donation count for the long term.
You’re supporting your favorite causes in lots of ways. Volunteering, serving on boards, donating food and clothing, celebrating at events and purchasing products that support a cause are just a few of the ways you are making a difference in the lives of others. At the center of your philanthropy is charitable giving. By working with us and setting up your own fund or supporting an existing fund, you can organize and maximize your financial support of charitable organizations.
Have you found yourself thinking it’s time to get a little more focused with your giving? Do you want to involve your kids, or grandkids in your giving? Perhaps philanthropy is already an important part of your family’s traditions and values but you want to look for high-impact opportunities. Not only do you want to deepen those intergenerational connections, but you also are committed to leaving a legacy to your children, grandchildren, and community. You can do all of this through planning and tools to continue support of the causes you love. That’s exactly what we will help you do.
As a local business leader you know the importance of creating opportunities and working with your employees to create impact. That is why many companies choose to partner with us to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their charitable giving; we are up to date on current best practices to help your business direct donations and achieve impact.
We manage all financial, reporting and due diligence aspects with the charity on your behalf. You have the benefit of seeing your donation at work and achieving corporate recognition for your company’s philanthropy.

By establishing a corporate fund, you can work with us to organize, streamline requests and celebrate your company’s financial support of organizations that inspire you.
How to Give to The Delta Community Foundation

Donations come in many forms depending on the donor's circumstances and the type of gift. All forms of gift are welcomed by The Foundation.
The O'Keeffe Family Fund and Sandra O'Keeffe include BC and Alberta Guide Dogs among their donations to various causes

Please donate through Charitable Impact with "Donate online" button at top of this page (NOTE: tax receipt will be from Charitable Impact, but donation will come to the Delta Foundation)


Please download the Donation Form Here

Our charitable tax number is 0765560-63-27


Because our donors want their gifts to be used for many different purposes, The Foundation administers several different types of funds. A donor wishing to donate can choose the type of fund most suited to his or her needs.

A donor may choose to make a gift for the broad charitable purposes of The Foundation. Such unrestricted gifts are used to make grants for the needs which the Board of Directors identify from time to time as being most deserving of The Foundation's support. The needs it has currently identified are social services, arts, culture, education, health care, and Delta's physical environment.

A donor may direct that a gift be used for a special charitable purpose such as assistance to disabled people, counseling programs, scholarships, or support of the arts. The Foundation, acting through its Board of Directors, will make grants to the community agencies which best serve the purpose specified by the donor.

  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts & Culture
  • Children, Youth & Families
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health & Medical Education – Research
  • Health & Social Development
  • Youth Homelessness
  • Youth Philanthropy

Donors can enjoy ongoing involvement in the distribution of their gifts by establishing a donor-advised fund. In the instrument establishing the donor-advised fund, the donor expresses the desire to make specific recommendations to the Board from time to time regarding the charitable use to be made of the fund. The Foundation takes these recommendations into account when making grants from the Fund.

A donor may wish to name the specific charitable organization to be assisted by a grant. The Board of Directors will ensure that the grants made from a designated fund are used as the donor intends. Should the designated organization cease to exist or the purpose it served become obsolete, The Foundation has the responsibility to re-allocate the fund to continue to reflect the donor's wishes.

Types of Gifts

Kin Village purchased a small bus for seniors' outings with support from the Delta Foundation

A gift of cash is the easiest and simplest way to give. You receive an income tax receipt for the full amount and have the immediate satisfaction of seeing your gift at work.

Stocks, bond, and other investment instruments can be transferred at current value to The Delta Foundation either as a donation or a bequest. Receipts for donation of securities will be issued at fair market value for tax purposes.Gifts of appreciated securities to The Foundation may provide important tax advantages to the donor.

Gifts of real property to The Foundation may also provide important tax advantages to the donor. The full fair market value of such gifts will be fully deductible depending on the timing of the gift and the donor's income.

A gift of life insurance can be a large gift at a moderate cost. If you make The Delta Foundation the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you will receive a donation receipt for the policy's cash value, as well as for any future premiums.

Other assets such as works of art can be given to The Foundation. Receipts will be issued for the fair market value of the gift.

Ways to Give

There are several ways The Foundation may be remembered in a will. The Foundation may be named as the residuary beneficiary of a donor's estate, as the recipient of a stated sum or contingent bequest, or as the ultimate recipient of the assets of a charitable remainder trust.

 Legal term What does it mean?
 Gift A sum of money or an asset (property or goods) voluntarily transferred to your community organization by someone that is to the advantage of your community organization. The person giving you the money or thing does not receive anything in return.
 Will A document in which someone specifies how to deal with or allocate their assets after their death. Wills can contain bequests or endowments to your community organization.
 Bequest A sum of money or an asset that is given to your community organization upon the owner's death as specified in the owner's will. The bequest can be given 'freely', which means that your organization may choose to deal with it as it sees fit, or it can be given with conditions, which must be honored.
 Endowment An endowment is normally a fund (amount of money), which is established to provide an income for 'beneficiaries' - your community organization can be the sole or one of several beneficiaries. The fund is usually invested in ‘perpetuity’, which means there is no time limit for its end. Only the income is distributed, not the original capital amount. So, the endowment fund will be set up with a sum of money, and this money is then invested by the trustees (managers) of the fund, and a ‘dividend’ or a distribution is paid to those beneficiaries under the terms of the fund.


Support for Boys and Girls Clubs has come from the Delta Foundation  

This type of gift can include real estate or works of art, and involves an irrevocable future gift. You retain the use of the property for life, receive a donation receipt for the present value of the gift, and the gift is not subject to probate. It is also possible to avoid tax on capital gains.

For further information and advice on types of gifts and ways to give, contact us.